Why Join AMROBA?

AMROBA maintains as policy that aviation regulations are meant to be promulgated, interpreted and enforced in an even-handed and objective manner. The daily work of AMROBA will be devoted to keeping members fully informed on all matters affecting them. Whether a member is under the jurisdiction of Australia or another aviation country, the asociation will be dedicated to ensuring that CASA, or other National Airworthiness Authority (NAA), provide “good government”. AMROBA will provide comments to CASA and those NAAs on their rules and policies to ensure that your voice is heard.

No one company, no matter how big or successful, can keep abreast of all the regulatory issues directly impacting your business and the MRO industry. The knowledge obtained from having representation before CASA and Government is an invaluable tool in determining the focus and direction of businesses directly impacted by those regulations.

This association has the potential to represent 700 plus design, maintenance, maintenance training, parts manufacturing and parts distribution organisations and an additional 400 independent CASA (representatives) delegates, authorised persons and other associated (auditors/consultants/etc) persons).

There has never been a better time than now to have a dedicated advocate to monitor and assist members with the huge amount of change being proposed. AMROBA will be ensuring that industry costs are restrained.

In the past, many design and maintenance organisations have become members of associations mainly representing other segments of the aviation industry. These contractual arrangements with other associations have never really worked and, over time, the MRO participants have either left that association or the association has become defunct. Either way, the MRO industry has never before had a dedicated advocate that can and will represent their concerns at the right levels whether their concern is political or not.

MRO participants need industry generated standards and practices to comply with and they certainly deserve a standard approach from the Authority in their dealings with industry. An industry advocate totally dedicated to the MRO industry can help achieve that goal. Your concerns will be aired at the appropriate levels.

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