John Cameron Aviation


John Cameron Aviation maintains a fleet of helicopters for private executives, corporate charter operators and rescue helicopters, including Bell, Eurocopter, Robinson, Augusta and McDonnell Douglas. This maintenance includes major rebuilds and development of structural repair schemes on request and in consultation with other engineering specialists.

  • Helicopter maintenance repairs – major overhauls and refits.
  • Distributor of Helicopter and Aircraft parts and accessories.
  • Manufacturer of Helicopter accessories.
  • ISO 9001:2000 approved pressure vessel workshop.
  • Hydrostatic testing, overhaul and repair of fire bottles.
  • OEM authorised repair and overhaul facility for Pacific Scientific and Kidde Graviner oxygen.
  • Oxygen bottles, masks and equipment overhaul and repair.
  • Fire Fighting Enterprises aviation extinguisher distributors for Australasia.
  • Helicopter maintenance and Fire, Oxygen and Restraint Component overhaul and repair.
  • Manufacture of AS350 and EC130 B4 Auxiliary side locker long range fuel tank.
  • Manufacture of AS350/355 and BK 117 SX16 Nightsun Mounts.
  • Agency for spectrolab products.

Hangar 473
Birch Street
Bankstown Airport, New South Wales 2200


02 9791 0155


02 9791 0017


0414 979 202