ASRR Report

The Minister’s review panel has completed their review and handed the report to DPM Truss. The Minister must be congratulated for releasing the report so quickly and will be looking for comments on the 37 recommendations contained in the report. The major issues are:

  • change the regulatory philosophy of the safety regulator; (much needed)
  • complete the regulatory reform program utilising a 3 tier regulatory system; (should have kept CAOs)
  • improve the performance of the Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development; (more involvement in aviation)
  • make the CASA Board more accountable; (well overdue)
  • Restructure CASA to client based model;
  • improve the performance of ATSB & CASA; and
  • enhance governance mechanisms and frameworks;
  • 3 tier the whole regulatory system;
  • make the Industry Complaints Commisioner reportable to the Board.

Though these are the major points, many recommendations address the issues raised by AMROBA in our submissions.

This is one report that the aviation industry must support; the Minister must accept and direct implementation of the recommendations and utilise the processes spelt out in the report.

Setting up a ‘streering committee’ with industry members to make the regulatory system happen is important.

The report does identify that flying training should utilise thhe use of flight instructions without the need to have an AOC. In our opinion; adopt FAR Part 61 system and GA will start to grow safely.

The change to the Industry Complaints Commisioner (ICC) process so the ICC reports to the Board is positive.

Many of our members and others will welcome this change.

The greatest doubt to implementation, if the Minister supports and directs implementation of the recommendations, is the personnel in key positions of CASA, the new Board and their commitment to implement a cost effective safe aviation system. 20 years of regulation chnage has not seen GA grow. GA is the foundations where most new pilots once came from. This has to be reversed for support businesses like maintenance and design to foster.

Minister Truss, you must accept the report and direct implementation once you find the right people to lead CASA and the Board. More detailed analysis is being sent to our members.

We wonder where they will find the right people to fill the vacant Board positions and the DAS.

Considering the Board and CASA Executive were responsible for all the negative findings in the Report, the Minister will have a challenge finding the right people to implement the philosophy of these recommendations. Once started, CASA staff will need retraining to meet the (communication) standards required by this report.

The next few weeks will be monitored carefully.