Adopting Foreign Regulations – Can Do

Adopting International Aviation Standards

ICAO: Adapting or adopting regulations from other States

“To meet their requirements for regulations, Contracting States always have the option of adopting another Contracting State’s regulations. Even though the unilateral adoption of another Contracting State’s regulations may have some advantages, such as enhanced exchange of operating crew and aircraft, it should be done only after ensuring that the regulations have been updated to include all ICAO Standards.”

Why doesn’t government adapt the New Zealand system & then work towards a common Pacific Region aviation regulatory system? Shouldn’t be that hard, most Pacific Region countries have already adapted & implemented the NZ aviation rules.

However, our bureaucrats still say that it is not easy to adapt/adopt another country’s ‘rules’ because of our legal structure. Very misleading, only to a minor extent this is correct and it should never be used as the reason to over regulate this industry. The same excuse was made when CASR Part 21 was being developed but the Minister of the day overruled the regulator’s objection and CASR Part 21 was made based on FAR Part 21 with minor changes. It can be done if the attitude is right.